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Grail Quest 2014 - Warhammer Fantasy GT

Grail Quest VI will take place on November 8th and 9th, 2014!

Player's Pack: http://www.bullcitywargaming.com/GrailQuestVIPack.pdf

You can pay at this link right here!

Registration is $35 per player through October 11th and increases to $45 on October 12th. Registration will close on October 25th. If you choose to cancel your registration, a full refund will be granted as long as your request is received by 11:59 p.m. on October 25th. Please eĀ­mail bullcitywargaming@gmail.com with any registration questions, or to cancel your registration.
If you would like to register using Paypal, please send a Paypal payment for $35.00 to paypal@scifigenre.com. Include the player's name and team affiliation (if any) in your payment details. We will add you to the list when we receive your payment.

1. Jason "The Overlord" Sprague
2. Collin "Eyeballs" Bush
3. Chad "Twice Shy" Hoggan
4. Nick "Crab People" Hall
5. Collins "Gatorade" Mullen
6. Jason "Bones" Simons
7. John "The Brute" Wagner
8. Matt "Bumble" Beasley
9. Roger "Rock 'Em Sock 'Em" Yohn
10. Kelby "Lizard Wizard" Wood
11. Tom "Tombo" Geater
12. Gene "El Bandito" Phelps
13. Todd "Crockett" Wiatt
14. Dan "Honkey Tonk" Rothrock
15. Ken "Beanbag" Stubbs
16. Phil "Jemimah" Blake
17. Alex "Honey Mustard" Schmid
18. Travis "Puddles" Weyforth
19. Keith "Coco" Bonneau
20. Sandler "Heartburn" Bryson
21. Kenneth "The Pusher" Bushey
22. Ryan "Chupacabra" Capps
23. Erich "Marbles" Heller
24. Jason "Victory" Simons

25.  Jason "Folk Art" Swinson


Joel Flint
Dan Furbush
Lauren Furbush
Erik Lodal
Keith Bonneau
Paul Loester
Phil Karl
Matt Irby
Jason Hunter
Chris Cardamone
Jason Swinson
Brandon Phelps
Frank Mariscal
Marcus Davis
Jake Dibattista
Bobby Ash
Bryan Hunter
Jason Ellerbe
Chris Roark
Jerry Parsley