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Grail Quest 2013 - Warhammer Fantasy GT


It is with great pleasure that I'd like to announce the dates and details for Grail Quest V. Grail Quest V is a Warhammer Fantasy Grand Tournament scheduled for October 26th and 27th, 2013 at Atomic Empire in Durham, NC.  

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Players will use this version of Swedish Comp.

Lizardmen Players ONLY will use this version of Swedish Comp.

Click Here for the Tournament FAQ.

2,500 Points.

Six Games Overall Using Swiss Pairing (Three Games on Saturday, Two Games on Sunday)

Prizes Will Be Based on Attendance (with 100% of money collected going to prize support) and consist of:

Best Overall - Combination of Battle Points, Sportsmanship, and Painting Score
2nd Best Overall
3rd Best Overall

Best General - Most Battle Points
2nd Best General
3rd Best General

Best Painted Army - Most Painting Points
2nd Best Painted
3rd Best Painted

Bash Crasher (Best Sports) - Most Sportsmanship Points
2nd Best Painted
3rd Best Painted

The Monster Mash Painting Competition Winner (Single Model Painting, chosen by Player Voting)

Best in Race for each race present at Grail Quest (Total Battle Points + Sportsmanship Points + Painting Points + Composition Points as compared to other players with the same army.)

Top Club (The Highest Club Score. Club Score = The Average of a Club’s Highest Three Placings)

We are limited to one hundred players, and you can sign up here or by emailing bullcitywargaming@gmail.com. We encourage you to sign up, but know that only paid registrations will hold a spot.

I will list sign ups here. I look forward to seeing all of you at the tournament!

Ben Tuite
Grail Quest Tournament Organizer

Player List:

1. Todd Wiatt
2. Kelby Wood
3. Gabriel Thorn
4. Brad Wiemann
5. Daniel Furbush
6. Warren Knowles
7. Matt Miller
8. John Wagner
9. Landon Johnson
10. Ben Mitchell
11. Joel Flint
12. Cory Benton
13. Chin Pann
14. Tony Nelson
15. Chris Leghorn
16. Jason Sprague
17. Tyler Cail
18. Vincent Barito
19. Matt Beasley
20. Greg Shaw
21. Ken Stubbs
22. Matt Irby
23. Jason Hunter
24. Paul Loester
25. Collin Bush
26. Brandon Phelps
27. Gene Phelps
28. Marcus Davis
29. Dallas Parsons
30. Erich Heller
31. Robert Brandon
32. Chad Hoggan
33. Jerry Parsley
34. Dan Rothrock
35. Rufus Hambright
36. Tom Geater
37. Jason Conca
38. Joel Busta
39. Chris Johnson
40. Chris Cline
41. I. Knight
42. Robin Knight
43. Josh Rayle
44. Shannon Powell
45. Paul Garbe
46. Zeke Webster
47. Drew Snoddy
48. Phillip Blake
49. Frank Mariscal
50. Eoin Whalen
51. Jody Dombeck
52. Sandler Bryson
53. Joe Dizon
54. Russell Simpson
55. Phillip Karl
56. Nick Hall
57. Jacob Brandon
58. Roger Yohn
59. Collins Mullen
60. John Helton
61. Jason Simmons
62. Ron Imel
63. Jason Ellerbe
64. Travis Hill
65. Lane Webster